Coco Milk Oil 5ml

Experience our signature oil in its purest form, bearing no additional fragrance or ingredients. Sourced exclusively for Call of the Valley, the extraction process is extremely gentle and our Coco Milk Oil is obtained and managed by hand from start to finish. Our coconuts have not been subjected to high heat or the use of any machinery, thus preserving all the living properties and benefits of the coconut, leaving us a product that is extremely high in vitamins A and E and is 100% organic.

This gentle method brings us a lightweight formula which absorbs easily and is suited for the face, hair and body.


Organic coco nucifera (coconut) oil

Oils offer a multitude of benefits to the skin, hair and body. At Call of the Valley, we are constantly discovering new ways to make full use of what nature has provided for us. Due to the way our Coco Milk Oil is so meticulously and delicately extracted and handled, we have resulted in an oil which is far lighter and more easily absorbed compared to others on the market without manipulating its natural state or composition in any way.

This is a significant characteristic we are extremely proud of and we believe that this is what makes our Coco Oils so unique and special; so much so that we discovered our Coco Oil can be mixed with equal amounts of water to create an instant gel emulsion which absorbs readily into the skin. By combining our signature Coco Oil with the natural constituents of water, it allows higher levels of hydration and increases the effectiveness of moisture absorption into the skin in an instant. Not only are we increasing the surface area of application, but the overall application time is greatly reduced whilst enhancing the overall hydration efficacy of the oil.

We have discovered this way of using our signature oils truly beneficial during summer months when we prefer a lighter formula to grace our skin and body, or for anyone who typically dislike any greasy residue left behind when using oil products.

On face: apply directly onto the skin; can be used in substitute of your daily moisturiser. For extremely dry skin, use in addition to your daily moisturiser. Also suitable as a make-up remover and when in solid form, as a lip balm.

On hair: suitable for treating split ends, apply lightly to ends of hair. As a hair and scalp treatment, massage directly into the scalp and allow the coconut oil to disperse through to the hair ends.

On body: for the ultimate indulgence, apply all over as a body moisturiser.

Suitable for all skin and hair types

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