Pure Avocado Oil 50ml


Sourced from an organic farm in Crete. The perfect oil for under eyes and eye contour areas. Known to restore a youthful complexion as it is naturally high in fatty acids which also promote the process of collagen synthesis. Combined with natural traces of copper present in the oil, avocado oil is ideal for reviving skin to its former glory. 


Organic avocado pulp oil

Suitable for daily use and appropriate for all skin types, avocado oil is suited for addressing anti-ageing concerns, rejuvenating tired or fatigued skin and is also deemed as an effective natural sunblock.

Traditionally, avocado oil has been used as a hot oil hair treatment as it is said to contain vital trace minerals such as iron and magnesium which are paramount for nourishing the hair and nails. Magnesium works alongside iron to stimulate the hair follicles and promote hair growth which can be a remedy for thinning hair and for indulging dried and split ends. An effective way to incorporate the oil into a more regular hair routine would be to combine a few drops of the oil with a hair conditioner – this method of application would ensure a level of treatment without overloading the hair and scalp.



On face: apply directly onto the skin; can be used in substitute of your daily moisturiser.

On hair: suitable for treating split ends, apply lightly to ends of hair.

On body: for the ultimate indulgence, apply all over after mixing the oil with water in your palms.

Suitable for all skin and hair types

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